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TVHUNGARY is your homeland TV service provider for local Hungarian TV programs from Europe broadcasting for the whole United States and Canada. We offer a wide variety of TV programs, from the commonly known ones to childrens' channel and your music favorites. For receiving the programs all you need is a MediaBox unit and an Internet connection. We ship the Mediabox right to your door with 30 days of free subscription and 30 days money back guarantee. Please feel free to look around on our website and offer our service to your Hungarian friends for big discounts on our monthly fees, available by our promo code system. Also note that our time-shifting™ technique allows you to watch the TV channels at your local time matching the time of the original broadcast.

Technical features:

  • OTT Technology, over-the-top IPTV service
  • Time-shifting™ Trans-Atlantic time-delay for America and Canada
  • Uses ~2 Mbps (equal to 250 KBps) Internet bandwidth
  • Connection to TV set via HDMI connector cable (included in package)
  • Ethernet wired or WiFi wireless connection




and many more...

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