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With our coupon system you can get one time and continuous discounts

  • You may find our one time discount offers all through the United States and Canada at public places, shops and restaurants related to Hungary. Read the coupon code from the screen at the shop/restaurant and when arriving home place your order using that specific coupon code.
  • We send subsription orders by email to people who's email address you offer our service to. Top menu called OFFER will be visible after completing your registration. Whenever we receive an order from someone you made an offer for us we email a coupon code for you, which you will be able to use for subscription package renewal. For getting the most our of such a coupon we recommend to order the 12 month prepaid subscription package renewal in such a case.

We offer discount for both MediaBox buyers and subscription orderers

  • In case of ordering a Dual MediaBox package we offer discount from the price
  • The longer period you order your prepaid subscription package the more discount we give



and many more...

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