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What does IPTV mean?
IPTV is a new technology, which makes you able to watch digital TV through an Internet connection wherever you are in the world.

What do I need to watch IPTV?
Maybe the most important is that you will not need any satellite dish to watch our programs, no specialist required to install our service. TvHungary is based on your Internet connection, all you need is a quick setup and the service is installed.

What makes our solutions different from the other providers in the market?
We are a rather technical company, with many years of experience from the IT branch. We concentrate on quality, if you compare our products to any other provider in the market you will notice the difference in picture sharpness, reliability, no freezing. Service always running up 99,5% annual. We distribute our streams from within the United States, not from Europe like other providers do, this way we can guarantee a pleasant experience no matter which company is your Internet service provider and no matter if you live on the East or the West coast.

What makes TvHungary different from other providers?
Other providers implement a P2P service; this means lower quality in general, and long time to change channels. Our service is different in a way that we broadcast using a delivery network that is available all over the world, it does not matter if you live in New York or in California you will always get the signal from a server locally in your area not from Trans-Atlantic link as other providers do.

Who we recommend TvHungary's service to?
Our services are recommended to everybody living as Hungarian in the United States and Canada and who would like to bring the Hungarian language and lifestyle home to feel completely as if living in Hungary.

How TvHungary works?
Our service works with good quality (mainly optical or cable-based) broadband Internet service. It is important to have at least 4 Mbps of available download bandwidth to use the service.

How do we recommend to use TvHungary's service?
We recommend to use a home router, which can transfer the incoming Internet connection to more than one accessible network connections. This is required because the MediaBox is a same kind of device in the network like a computer, so it should be connected to the LAN side of your home router.

What is time-shifting?
Time-shifting is a technical method of seeing the right program at the originally aired time, wherever you are. Our system compares your time zone to the Hungarian time, so that you can watch the same program at the exact time when it was on TV in Hungary.

What kind of cableing is recommended?
For using our service it is recommended to take the network cable to your TV set. It's useful to measure the required cable length, so when buying the network cable you will know the required length. Such network patch cables could be bought at computer shops or can be cut to the required length by a computer technician.

With what type of connector can I connect my box to the TV set?
We recommend to use your set-top-box with an HDMI cable. This connection allows good quality digital links between the TV set and the set-top-box, and one cable carries both picture and sound. Although our MediaBox has conventional composite video plus left and right audio RCA outputs too for old TV sets or for connecting your stereo directly from the MediaBox instead of the TV set. (Please note that HDMI output picture might not be exactly in sync with analogue audio output)

I have more TV sets, how can I watch the program?
In most common cases the easiest way to watch our program on two TV sets is to buy a MediaBox Dual-Pack, because in this case you will be able to watch different channels on different TV sets. We offer discount for additional Mediaboxes or Dual-Pack orders. Beside this it is also possible to connect both HDMI and Composite Video outputs of the MediaBox connecting two TV sets at the same time, but in this case only the same program can be viewed on both TV sets.

How does the set-top-box connect to my home router?
The MediaBox uses dynamic IP address, which it gets from your home router, from its DHCP service. In common cases most routers are set up for dynamic IP address service, which is supported by our MediaBox.

What countries can I use the MediaBox?
Currently we offer our services for people living in the United States of America and Canada.

Can time-shifting be switched off?
We offer our services only with time-shifting. Our new features will be introduced through our webpage.

Does the MediaBox have WiFi connection?
Yes, WiFi is available on the MediaBox as a connection to be chosen instead of the cable hook-up. Since IPTV service uses continuous high traffic Internet connection we can not gurantee the required signal quality (eg. because of low WiFi signal strength or other high traffic use) we always recommend TvHungary to be used with a physical network cable connection to your home router. Use WiFi at your own risk.

I am lost - can you help me?
Of course we can. Use the information on the Support page, the best way to get a fast reply is to send us a message using the contact form on this website.



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