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2 pcs. MediaBoxes + accessories
Base price with tax: $299.99
Sales price: $269.99

Get two TVHUNGARY MediaBoxes, pay less and watch different programs on both of your TV sets.

TVHungary offers great TV channels for your need. Our revolutionary technique allows you to watch your Hungarian homeland TV programs and even more. Thanks to our inventional features we bring time-shifting to your home. No, you won't need to get home in the afternoon hours to watch Hungarian evening and nights shows. Just relax, your night time is at the right time. We shift the entire time range for all your TV channels into your time zone.*

Compared to any satellite TV service TVHungary is based on your home Internet service instead of the signals arriving from a satellite. You don't need any dish to get TVHungary working, our service has no sense to bad weather either. No technician is required to install the MediaBox and to prepare your system to work. Follow instructions in user's manual.

Package includes:
2 pc. TvHungary MediaBox
2 pc. Remote controller unit (2x AAA batteries not included)
2 pc. AC adapter for 120V AC
2 pc. HDMI cable, 1.2m length
2 pc. Owner's Manual (English language)
30 day FREE service for each MediaBox - SPECIAL DEAL

*Please note that it is required to set the time zone on your MediaBoxes



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